Thursday, March 9, 2006

Springing Forward

Although it's not yet officially Spring, these past few days with warmer temperatures have inspired me to become much more domestically industrious than I have previously been on past colder days. I've managed to finally make some progress on that dreadful basement and I've increased my exercise sessions to daily (well, very nearly). Gratitude goes to Autumn for my continued physical activity, since she frequently calls to make sure that I'm exercising on a regular basis (and I grudgingly admit that it is working!).

Regarding Spring, my friend, Kerry, is busy planning her garden. I admire her for this act of agricultural courage. I must confess to being somewhat envious, since I have intended to do this for years, but have never managed to progress beyond mere contemplation. I wanted to at least try to actually plant one or two vegetables this year, but I'm having enough struggles with my container-herbs. I have other friends who are also successful gardeners and I am always curious as to how they manage to get out in their yards of wide open spaces, tending crops among neighbors. I am such a private person that the idea of having to make small talk, while weeding and watering, makes me shudder. Then again, perhaps it's about time I go out and meet some fellow residents of Suburbia...

Yesterday was another happy day spent with Bach in the kitchen, as I made a yummy batch of Baklava. Yes, it was ambitious and somewhat time consuming. Yes, phyllo dough is indeed, very fragile, but still friendly. And yes, it was most definitely an effort well rewarded (it is wonderfully rich and scrumptious!). On Tuesday night, I also made a very small batch of Truffles, equally successful, but already finished off by myself and Daniel.

Despite the indication that only treats are produced in my kitchen, I regularly plan and cook entire menus. But it's so much more fun to tell you about my baking, rather than my evening meals, however elaborate. This is somewhat contradictory to my personality, since anyone who has sat down to dine with me, knows that I always eat any and all, "real food," before even tasting my desserts. Yes, friends, I practice ritualistic eating. I always eat the meats first (meats take precedence over any other plated item), then the vegetables, breads, and finally, dessert. In my defense, I could discuss how that infamous eating right for your blood type book explains that my blood type thrives on red meats and requires them regularly. But while it is true about the blood type guidelines, that isn't the real reason for my ritual. No, it is much more comical in reality. The truth is, that if I were to meet my demise mid-meal, I want to make sure I've already eaten the meat and vegetables, since they are deemed more personally valuable to me, than the breads, desserts, etc. Absurd? Yes. But then, typical, "Julie Logic," usually is...

Until we meet for coffee,

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