Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Particularly Mellow Day in March

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed last week's happy distraction from my usual entries, with the inclusion of the short vintage film, "This is Coffee!" Personally, I absolutely love it! I must confess to watching it often, while having my daily coffee. I had briefly considered posting one short film each week, but decided against it, for fear of saturation. Although I still intend to post more cool video in future, I'll leave it to random impulse, rather than any specifically scheduled times.

So far, this has been a relatively uneventful week in the kitchen. Other than my Ladyfingers, earlier in the week, there has been no extraordinary excitement. Only the ordinary dinners and some much needed comfort food in the form of my favorite Wild Mushroom and Bacon Bread Pudding. Otherwise, as I said, nothing too interesting is going on in my little corner of the culinary world. It's not that I am necessarily uninspired this week, it's more of a question of motivation. This week seems to be a week left to routine familiarity, rather than elaborate experimentation. However, today has been busy with grocery lists, cookbooks, and recipes (although it remains common knowledge that it is nearly impossible for me to follow any specific recipe). Perhaps, "mellow," would be the adjective of choice for this week.

Ah, but the week isn't over yet, is it? After all, it's only Wednesday...

Until we meet for coffee,

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