Monday, March 13, 2006

Provence, or maybe Paris

Today has been reminiscent of relaxing days spent in France. Okay, I've never been to France, but today was certainly reminiscent of high school French class, Hemingway novels, and Julia's cookbooks. This morning began with baking Financiers in my new molds. Having previously amended and combined several basic recipes to create a, "Julie version," I decided to attempt baking them in my new silicone molds. Since I have always used conventional baking pans, I was admittedly skeptical of this flexible, atomic-kitchen-of-the-future space age substance, but to my surprise, the molds actually worked very well. And now that I'm no longer skeptical, I will, of course, be baking many more Financiers. The French ambience continued throughout the day, as my lunch was yummy French Onion Soup, while listening to the valse musette sounds of Baguette Quartette, and later, dinner included a scrumptious, savory Wild Mushroom and Bacon Bread Pudding.

This past weekend, my friend, Jennifer, came to visit and we did a whole lot of intentional nothing. It was great. We lounged around the house and ate a lot of food (since cooking remains to be my most recent obsession), spent hours drinking coffee and reading books at Barnes and Noble and deliberately wasting time hanging out. But is it really wasting time, when having a relaxing afternoon with a friend? It is most definitely not time wasted at all.

As mentioned in previous posts from last week, I have found myself becoming more industrious as warmer weather approaches. This is partly due to the warmer temperatures and partly due to a renewed sense of domestic purpose. My exercise routine has become happily habitual, I've made plans to plant a small two-or-three row vegetable garden, I have some small decorative projects planned for around the house, and I continue to pursue new cuisines in my kitchen. Also, I'm feeling much better physically, than in months past, which I attribute to healthier eating, increased exercise, and the removal of several previous stressors. Still, I must thank my friend, Heather, for providing me with XS ENERGY DRINK, which I've been drinking for years, but in conjunction with my recently healthier lifestyle, they seem to be even more effective. (When you visit Heather's site, the password is team.)

Now that my day is coming to an end, I will have a cafe au lait and wonder where my next culinary destination will be.

Until we meet for coffee,

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