Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring painting: from Easter eggs to whitewashed walls...

Asparagus seems to be the choice vegetable for welcoming the arrival of Spring. Everyone seems to be doing something with asparagus, myself included. I had intended to bake some scrumptious and sweet treat today, but instead, I found myself baking a cheesy asparagus tart to celebrate these warmer days.

Because of the fact that I have made so much of the arrival of Spring lately, and because we have been influenced by our equally industrious friends, Daniel and I have decided to add some color to our plain, white walls for a Spring project. Not in all rooms, but in one or two. This may seem like nothing worthy of note, but trust me, we are not the two most colorful persons on Earth. We are very much Winter people. We have happily surrounded ourselves in darker neutrals and earthtones. And it's not that we've become necessarily unhappy with the lack of color, we've simply decided to add some subtle shades here and there.

It will be like adding various spices to enhance the flavor of the dish. Perhaps an asparagus green. Now, how's that for welcoming Spring?

Until we meet for coffee,

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