Thursday, March 23, 2006

Seeking Solace in the Kitchen

As reflected in my previous entry, domestic bliss has not been the state of household affairs this week. In fact, this entire week has been nothing, if not mediocre. Today, I've resorted to seeking solace in my kitchen. Dinner is again, comfort foods, in the form of meatloaf, chicken spanaki paupiettes, and the last of the leftover wild mushroom and bacon bread pudding.

My nighttime reading has been from one of my favorite books, The Vogue Book of Menus and Recipes (c.1964). This distraction cheered me immensely and I have chosen some new old dishes for future presentation. And so Thursday progresses. Regarding the remainder of the evening, while online, searching for assorted sauces and vinaigrettes, and various items of general culinary interest, I visited one of my favorite recent blog discoveries:
Baking for Britain. This is an absolutely lovely blog from Anna, a very talented baker and writer in London, whose posts are so inspiring that I was immediately motivated to bake some yummy custard tarts. (Well, this is partly due to her influence and partly because I regularly watch episodes ofAs Time Goes By, since I own the complete series set, and Lionel is always seeking solace in his beloved custard tarts.)

Therefore, the end result was a small batch of mini custard tarts (heavy on the nutmeg). Yes, I know, more comfort food. But did I find the solace for which I was searching? Yes, I did.

Until we meet for coffee,

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