Friday, October 5, 2007


Yes, yes, I realize that I haven't posted any new recipes in a very, very long time. And yes, I know I promised to do some new entries to coincide with my new healthier lifestyle, happens (I've moved twice this year and have a new job, but I will eventually get back to the recipe posting soon). Despite my lack of blogosphere activity, I have managed to maintain the new healthier lifestyle, with only a couple of falling down and eating junk moments, which immediately resulted in an even more intense appreciation of healthier cooking, baking, and eating. Avoiding refined sugars, grains, inorganic and processed foods has simply changed my life--for the best! I'm much, much leaner and my overall health (physically and mentally) is better than it was ten years ago. I personally recommend that everyone strive for a healthier diet, sans refined sugars, chemicals, and mycotoxins.

With all of that said, my newest healthy foodie obsession: LARABARSLaraBars come in a multitude of yummy, tummy flavors with happy, colorful packaging and they are simply wonderful. These bars are made from pure, raw food and are truly delicious!!!

Lara's right, you will be humming happily while eating LaraBars!!!


  1. That is really ridiculous. There are too many ways that marketing has gone too far.

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  2. THIS IS NOT MY ORIGINAL BLOG; THIS BLOG HAS BEEN HIJACKED! Also, LARABARS have sold out since this original post was written and I've boycotted them for a couple of years now.