Monday, March 6, 2006

Pleasant Surprises

This past week was more of the same, without much exception, until Saturday. Saturday was a day for surprises. Now, anyone who has known me for any length of time, knows that I normally loathe and detest surprises, but Saturday proved that sometimes surprises are good things! First, I was greeted with an unexpected showing of three vintage episodes of The French Chef on WTTW, so I spent some exciting time in Julia's kitchen. Then, later, I discovered a beautiful, (hand-fashioned) package from my friend, Kerry, on my doorstep! Inside, I found a pretty little card (also handcrafted) with a photo of her daughter, wearing a mini apron, oven mitt, and potholder set I had given to her, along with a very cool journal. Brilliant! I love it!

My time has continued to be spent mostly in the kitchen. I know I've said, repeatedly, that I'm going to get to work on sewing aprons. I've not given up on the idea, I've just become completely preoccupied with my culinary endeavors. This may seem odd, but sewing seems like a Spring/Summer activity. Still, at some point this year, I will sew some aprons and see how they do on Ebay. And about sewing, check out Leanne's new blog about sewing and such. She's busy, busy, busy, sewing and being wonderfully creative!

At the suggestion of Daniel, Autumn, Tammy, and others, I've decided to start adding images to accompany my weekly entries. Also, at their suggestion, I should become more industrious and submit entries more than once weekly. Therefore, in future, various products from the kitchen will periodically appear on the blog and I will attempt to submit entries at least twice weekly.

Speaking of Daniel, the other night, I caught him sneaking peeks into my cookbooks. I guess he really has become an official, "foodie." He's much more attentive to my grocery lists lately, as he attempts to guess what types of meals he is going to be presented with throughout each week. He's also more and more eager to taste various new foods. Just today, he was eating kiwi fruit, something he would never have previously considered eating, before converting to more epicurean ways.

This week, my culinary plans will include (in addition to Madeleines for my friend, Jennifer) Ladyfingers, Baklava, Truffles, and more Financiers. Otherwise, I may surprise myself and actually sew something. But for the moment, I am going to have some Tetley and determine what wonderful things to include in my new journal!

Until we meet for coffee,

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