Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Financiers for a Quiet Day...

Obviously, judging from the above (and previous) photo(s), I would never succeed as a food photographer. Let me assure you these little cookies look much better in real life, than on this dreadful digicam photo. I can also assure you that they taste yummy, as I've finally made peace with my silicone molds. Earlier on, when I had written about how surprisingly well this silicone baking stuff performed, I really was happy with the cooking performance, but not so much with the total appearance of finish products. Therefore, the space age silicone did perform well, but to a fault. Inside, my little cookies, the batter baked evenly and consistently. Outside, also, but with the exception of the very middle of the bottoms, which would be somewhat wavy. I tried all sorts of solutions, from varying oven temperatures to batter ingredients, but finally, the only successful remedy was the use of a pastry bag to fill each mold to insure even and full coverage on bottoms...Result? Success! Now my little financiers both look and taste wonderful!!!

Until we meet for coffee,

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