Saturday, April 1, 2006

With Apologies to Marie Antonin Carême - one

It seems common knowledge in the culinary world that the classic Charlotte Russe originated from the kitchen of famed French Chef, Marie Antonin Carême, in the very early 19th century. While his original recipe, or recette, included Bavarian Cream, there have been numerous varieties of flavors used in fillings in the many years since that initial dessert creation. Yesterday, I decided I would make a lemon flavored Charlotte Russe. When finished, it had a good, lemony flavor, but I wasn't entirely happy with the consistency of the filling. (I made the filling myself, as opposed to the use of store purchased, ready-to-use products.) Considering it was my first attempt, I am not too cross, but I definitely intend to achieve a better consistency for the next one. Also, I didn't account for the larger amount of Ladyfingers needed, since I bake my own, which are not split, like those purchased from a store. To compensate for this lack in quantity, I improvised, cutting each one in half, which provides explanation for why the photo reveals a dessert that is more primitive in appearance. Next time around, I will simply double the amount baked. All that said, my Lemon Charlotte Russe was still well received and Iwas the only one who thought it needed to be, 'better.' Still, I will make another one, having a smoother filling, with a sufficient amount of Ladyfingers. A Charlotte Russe that will be truly worthy of its elegant reputation and rich history. Soon, very soon. (End of Part One.)

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