Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Hotdog Lovers...

Today is my wedding anniversary and rather than going out to some fancy French-style bistro or downtown chophouse, my husband and I are having Chicago-dogs for our celebratory dinner! Before the gasped, open mouthed reactions begin, let me explain why we're having hotdogs for our special dinner. My parents were married 41 years, and on their wedding night and for nearly every wedding anniversary that followed, they had hotdogs for dinner to celebrate their lifelong committment. You see, my parents grew up and were married in rural North Carolina. Their wedding, in 1964, was very nice, but was the result of much local community spirit and effort. After a small church ceremony and a homemade cake at my grandparent's house, their wedding night dinner was hotdogs from the local gas ("filling") station store.

This is not my first marriage, but this is my first wedding anniversary with my husband, Daniel. My father died about a month (just after his 41st wedding anniversary) after we were married last year. He loved Daniel very much and was more than happy with our decision to become married. It is difficult to explain, but he knew Daniel and I would also end up eating hotdogs for our anniverary dinners for years to come, celebrating our lifelong committment in honor of him.

Until we meet for coffee,

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