Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Once upon a time...underneath the root of a very big fir-tree."

When I was young, I absolutely adored the charming world of Beatrix Potter. As a matter of fact, I still do, very much. And it all began with a busy little bunny, named Peter. Since this is the time of year when happy little bunnies are all around, I have eagerly revisited my little Lake District friends, numerous times this past week, via Although I am very fond of all of Beatrix Potter's characters, the mischievous Peter Rabbit remains my lifelong favorite. We were was first introduced to him in 1902, with the publication of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, the first book of the Beatrix Potter Collection. Yes, he was most definitely a mischievous little bunny! In this first story, we find that despite the warnings of his mother, Peter sneaks into the garden of Mr. McGregor and greedily samples lots of yummy vegetables, until he is caught, while searching for parsley to aid his overstuffed tummy. Luckily, he escapes to the safe refuge of his mother and her soothing camomile tea.

So, in honor of my favorite little bunny (and Happy Easter bunnies everywhere this spring), last night, I baked a small batch of mini carrot souffles. "Carrot souffle" is essentially a type of casserole side dish, very popular in the American South. But instead of one large casserole, I baked several miniature ones (I should have filled the cups all the way before baking, but they were still very yummy, just the same!). Mine are dusted with confectioner's sugar, of course. The common recipe consists of pureed cooked carrots, generous amounts of butter, sugar (both white and brown), eggs, flour, baking powder, and assorted spices. Simply vary the spices included, according to taste.

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