Thursday, April 6, 2006

Why I've become friends with Mari Winsor

So far, this has been a less than productive morning--I really need morecoffee! Considering a tenacious cold has attempted to overtake my immune system all week, today I felt the need for something warm and yummy for my rainy day breakfast. A quick assessment of the cupboards determined that, later this afternoon, I must go out for more baking supplies, as I seem to have limited quantities of many usually well stocked items. However, I have an abundance of sugar in the house...go figure. Therefore, keeping it simple without making anything too involved, I baked three mini chocolate cakes with lots and lots (and lots) of homemade whipped cream, laced with cocoa powder! Simple, but not at all nutritious or healthy. Yes, yes, very bad for me. My only defense is that I did NOT eat all three for breakfast; I only ate one (so far). But now the reasons are quite evident as to why it is absolutely imperative for me to maintain my close friendship with my Mari Winsor Pilates DVDs!
Until we meet for coffee,

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