Monday, January 30, 2006

It's only Monday

This past week was not all that eventful, domestically speaking. I finished up the clear-out of the household cupboards, etc., but the assortment of stuff that has been collected in the basement still needs organizing and sorting, before that space can become suitably habitable. The saga of the sewing machine continues, as I finally have a new one (Singer 1120), but so far, I have only managed to remove it from the box. I plan to begin some sewing projects this week, but at the moment, my head is still reeling from this nasty sinus infection. Sigh.

Regarding my transformation from being a somewhat independent feminist to being a domestic goddess...well, I'm still in the early stages yet, so I'm not vacuuming in pearls, heels, and tiny-waisted dresses. I'm still enjoying these lounge pants, flannel, and sweatshirt days! However, I'm sure I'll find my happy medium soon enough. I always have had that certain attraction to most things Martha, I have always adored Kate Spade, and I've recently discovered Rita Konig. I doubt I'll end up as dedicated to the vintage role as some of my new online friends, whom I greatly admire (see links section, especially, "My House is Cuter Than Yours") but then again, I'm an all or nothing sort, so I never know...But while I'm not necessarily dressing the part (yet), I have been doing a considerable amount of cooking (my newest obsessive hobby) and cleaning, so at least I'm living it, to a certain extent.

Until we meet for coffee,

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