Monday, January 9, 2006

I should have taken Home-Ec classes in high school

Since last week’s initial post, I’ve been occupied with errands, social obligations, and things regarding this particular project, all the while still attempting to find the mysterious routine of this newly domestic lifestyle. I’ve seen the various ‘routine lists’ devoted to the duties and tasks of the accomplished housewife, but I’ve yet to personally master any sort of routine. Granted it’s only been a couple of weeks, but I tend to be more comfortable being quick to the study, rather than the slower student. Mind you, unfortunately this often works against me, as I also tend to bore easily and perpetually gravitate towards the next challenge. Still, I intend to soon find a regular schedule for domestic tasks.

And then there’s the challenge of this new apron making project...

Regarding this particular project...Since my initial post, I’ve added several links to other sites by very helpful, friendly, and supportive online vintage, retro housewives and crafters, two companion logos, a slogan of sorts, and a clickable-ad linking to our online store. But perhaps more interestingly, my husband managed to get my mother’s old sewing machine (Montgomery Ward Model URR 285 from the1960s) restored to working order, which at first seemed impossible. The machine had not been used in many years and its working parts were all locked up. With some manual manipulation of moveable parts, some cleaning, and lots of 3-in-1 oil, Daniel got it going again! Hurrah!

During the weekend, I went to a local Hobby Lobby in hopes of finding some apron sewing patterns and discovered that not only did they have several retro/vintage styles to choose from, but ALL patterns were on sale for 50% off as well! I bought two packs. And this is where the hesitation enters into the story. I’ve done many creative things in my life, but with the exception of repairing occasional rips and tears or sewing buttons with needle and thread, never have I actually sewn things on a sewing machine. But now that I’ve undertaken this apron making project, I must sew and sew well. Therefore, I must practice (and practice often).

I’ve decided that before attempting to make the aprons from my recently purchased patterns, I’ll start off practicing with those very simple aprons made from things like old dress shirts, tea towels, etc. Once I’ve made several of those, having made friends with the machine, I’ll start incessantly sewing all sorts of aprons. (So consider yourselves forewarned! I do things either all the way, or no way at all, lol). It seems rather silly for me to be somewhat intimidated by a sewing machine. I don’t normally become intimidated by much of anything. But while on the whole, this domestic way of life is nearly an entirely new world for me, I refuse to be defeated by its operations and equipment.

I’ll keep you updated on my domestic mishaps and adventures...

Until we meet for coffee,

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