Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Inside the Oven: A 19th Century (mini) Coffee Souffle

Charles Elmé Francatelli was born in England of Italian parents and studied cookery in France. While his work history included employment from various English nobleman, his most prestigious employment was that of chief cook for Queen Victoria. Having written numerous cooking books, many of which have been routinely reprinted and remain currently available.

My friend, Janet, who maintains The Old Foodie and the Companion to the Old Foodie, recently added a very intriguing collection of historic coffee recipes to her already large collection of historic recipes. While many of these coffee recipes may be primitive in method, none of them seemed impossible to attempt in the 21st century kitchen. And myself being quite the coffee fanatic, I decided that my first trip back into Janet's magical culinary history tour, would be an attempt of the recipe for Coffee Souffle, c.1867, from Charles Elmé Francatelli.

Until we meet for coffee,

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