Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Healthier Apron Strings

Admittedly, my recent activity on The Suburban Apron Company has been less than frequent. For this, I apologize. I have been extremely busy with several other projects, commanding complete personal commitment. However active in these varied pursuits, I have not forgotten The Suburban Apron Company; on the contrary, I've been giving this site much thought, regarding both its content and readers.

Inspired by my recent interviews with The Hippy Gourmet and Christina Pirello, I have been seriously considering incorporating healthier baking and cooking into recipes featured on this site. While I do not have any intentions of transforming this site into a health-foods forum, I do intend to complement my usual heavy cream and sugar-laden posts with those containing recipes that are more nutritious. I am not abandoning my lovely sweet and savory dishes; I simply plan to include some additional recipes that are rich and delicious, while remaining healthy.

Hopefully, these healthier choices will be as eagerly accepted as all of my previous recipes have been for The Suburban Apron Company.

Until we meet for coffee,


  1. Great post, they were great interviews and glad you're back to blogging here!
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  2. Welcome home, I look forward to frequent updates!
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