Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Some soup in the Spring

Just as so many other food enthusiasts have already done, I am currently reading, My Life in France. Since Julia writes about so many wonderful foods in this happy book, I'm not sure exactly why reading it has stirred such a strong personal desire for soup. But while in the bistro spirit, I decided to make several small batches of homemade savory soups. I started with a Cream of Broccoli, then added French Onion and Cream of Asparagus. All three soups were made using the common familiar recipes, with only slight personal variations.

Homemade soups are great, because they allow us to rid our cupboards, freezers, and refrigerators of all sorts of leftover bits and bobs. When the weather is cold, soups provide comforting warmth. Even when it's not cold outside, a simple soup often nourishes as a one-pot meal.

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