Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Bakewell Tart - a one-off blog event from Spittoon Extra: Chocolate Bakewell Tart

Over at Spittoon Extra, there is a June blog event, prompted by an article in theIndependent, which had declared the Bakewell Tart to be an endangered species.The Bakewell Tart- a one-off blog event is a collective response to help save the charming and delicious dessert. To show my support, I chose to bake a Chocolate Bakewell Tart, recipe courtesy of Cadbury.

For the tart, I used homemade strawberry jam in the filling, pre-baked the tart shell, and chose not to add the trellis. And while it may not be nearly as tall and attractive as the one pictured on the Cadbury website, it still tasted wonderful. The thin layer of strawberry jam combined with the rich, chocolate-almond filling, blended well with the buttery, flaky tart shell. I sampled the tart warm, unable to wait for the it to cool properly. (In fact, I promptly sampledtwo servings!) I am definitely going to make this tart again (adding extra jam and filling), as well as the more traditional tarts, sans chocolate. Thank you, Andy, for hosting such a yummy event!

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